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Research Capabilities Description Methodologies Expertise
Qualitative Marketing Research

Screener and topic guide design, recruiting, moderating, analysis, report preparation and presentation of study findings

Focus groups and in-depth interviews (in-person, online and telephone), bulletin boards, ethnographies, usability testing, meeting facilitation

Multi-generational and multi-cultural target audiences, projective techniques

Quantitative Marketing Research

Survey design, sampling, data collection, data tabulation, analysis, report preparation and presentation of study findings

Online, mobile, telephone, intercept, mail surveys and social media

Cluster and segmentation analysis, conjoint analysis, maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff), perceptual mapping, regression analysis, social media listening

Proprietary Products

Proven proprietary products that were developed by innovative thinkers and honed over the years through the teamwork and expertise of our staff.

Power Pricing Index, Product Opportunity Forecaster, Decision Tree Insights, AdBeat, Yellow Brick Road

Pricing, forecasting, evaluation of communications campaigns, purchase decision insights, business process redesign

Snapshot of Research Applications

  • Advertising Tracking, Concept and Copy Testing
  • Awareness, Attitude and Usage Studies
  • Brand Awareness, Loyalty, Positioning
  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market Feasibility and Needs Assessments
  • Name Testing
  • New Product & Service Testing
  • Package Testing
  • Pricing Research
  • Social Media Listening
  • Website Usability Testing