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For nearly half a century, Shugoll Research has helped advertising, PR and media clients traverse the ever-evolving landscape of audience preferences and behavior. Many of us have spent time working in agencies prior to joining the company. By using our proprietary product AdBeat, we design and execute studies that address even the small nuances and subtleties that can often make a very big difference in advertising effectiveness.

A large part of our business is answering critical questions and providing actionable direction. Here are some of the questions Shugoll Research has helped Communications clients answer over the years:

Advertising & Communications


  • Q
    How can research help us identify, reach and influence those audience segments that will be most profitable?
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    Identifying and understanding the customer is critical to the success of any communications campaign. Shugoll Research has extensive experience in developing profiles of customers and prospects for clients. Most of our clients require segmentation studies that size and profile potential audiences. Audience segmentation profiles are based on analyzes of current and potential future usage patterns for products, lifestyles and life stages, identifying benefits most important in driving product/brand interest and values or beliefs. Key segments are first identified and prioritized in terms of potential, their demographics, psychographics, attitudes and media habits.

  • Q
    Are my communications tactics such as websites and collateral materials effective?
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    As companies increasingly rely on websites and collateral materials, it is imperative that these materials are easy to use, clearly written and supportive of the overall brand position. To evaluate client websites, we conduct in-depth personal interviews or usability tests with key users to better understand their surfing patterns and behaviors, what sources they use to access sites and how they navigate the client’s site, focusing on labels, navigation tools and perceived content value.

    To test collateral materials, we have used focus groups, mail surveys and online surveys to determine audience reactions to format, design, content, length and messaging.

  • Q
    How can I be sure to get press coverage of this research?
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    Some clients opt to conduct research specifically for release to the media. This strategy can be very effective, but requires careful deliberation over the wording and phrasing of each question. Shugoll Research is experienced in working with public relations firms to develop surveys that will elicit the desired press coverage.

  • Q
    Is my communications campaign working?
  • A

    In addition to employing the traditional advertising tracking studies that measure awareness, attitudes and behavior pre and post campaign, Shugoll Research also conducts quasi-experimental studies for national advertisers. These studies test campaign executions, media weights and flight duration across selected markets and evaluate results against a control market. This provides our advertising clients with insights on the most cost and communications-effective directions for a national rollout.

  • Q
    What is my most compelling message strategy?
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    Shugoll Research’s senior staff includes several members with extensive advertising research backgrounds. In fact, our staff has over 30 years of advertising agency experience. This experience means that we understand the art and the science of testing advertising campaigns to ensure that the most compelling and effective messages are identified. Over the years we have developed AdBeat, a proprietary product that tests broadcast and print advertising concepts in a variety of forms i.e., storyboards, animatics, print, etc. to understand how well the advertising touches on key emotional drivers and tangible benefits. In addition, the technique determines main message recall and the extent to which the advertising is appealing, believable, unique and motivating. With AdBeat, Shugoll Research successfully identifies advertising campaigns and strategies that best meet clients’ communications objectives.

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Selected Advertising & Communications Clients

  • Arnold Worldwide
  • Burson-Marsteller
  • J. Walter Thompson
  • Ketchum
  • Leo Burnett Company
  • Porter Novelli
  • Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Young & Rubicam, Inc.
  • Ogilvy Public Relations
  • TMP Worldwide Advertising
  • AKQA
  • Global Advertising 1st
  • Grey Group
  • HMA Associates
  • LM&O Advertising
  • LMD
  • Marriner Marketing Communications
  • McAndrew Company
  • Midan Marketing
  • Paradowski Creative
  • Parenti Partners
  • Schafer Condon Carter