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COVID-19 Update (August 2020)

To all our valued clients, research participants, and partners,

We wish you continued good health both personally and professionally during these unprecedented times.  Now, more than ever, it is important to connect with your target audiences to better understand how their perceptions, opinions, behaviors and attitudes will change as a result of the pandemic.

Shugoll Research would love to help.  Because your health and safety are a top priority, we are continuing to conduct all qualitative research virtually using our online qualitative platform, Shugoll Limelight, at the current time.  Here’s some helpful information about our online platform:

Shugoll Limelight utilizes an enhanced deployment of Adobe Connect to provide a smooth and reliable online experience to both clients and research participants.  The benefits of using Shugoll Limelight include:


  • Each project gets its own, unique virtual room
  • Shugoll Research’s IT Team controls who is allowed to enter the room
  • Client observer anonymity is protected because participants cannot see names of anyone logged into the platform as a “client”
  • No reported hacking of Adobe Connect like other online meeting platforms

Offers Clients A “Back Room” Experience

  • Only clients and the moderator can see the “back room” chat function: This allows client observers to chat amongst themselves or directly with the moderator in complete privacy from participants

Includes Dedicated Tech Support

  • Each client has their own tech team assigned to their project to ensure smooth sessions
  • Each respondent must pass a “tech check” prior to their research session
  • Tech team stays online for the duration of the research session(s) to work through any technical issues in real-time


  • Virtual room can be customized with different layouts based on the needs of the project so the moderator can conduct different activities or show stimuli with the “click” of a button
  • Ability to show different stimuli (PPT, PDF, website)
  • Ability to conduct polls (open-ended or multiple choice)
  • Ability to play video smoothly with minimal lag time

If you or your colleagues would like to schedule a demo of Shugoll Limelight, please contact us at Info@ShugollResearch.com.

Shugoll Research also offers a full suite of consulting services, and our team is ready and available to meet all of your qualitative and quantitative research needs.

Mark Shugoll, PhD, Chief Executive Officer


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