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Shugoll Limelight

Shugoll Research is pleased to help you conduct online qualitative research using our own, proprietary platform, Shugoll Limelight.

  • Our platform utilizes an enhanced deployment of Adobe Connect to provide a smooth and reliable online experience to both clients and participants.
  • The platform is highly secure, can be used for online groups and in-depth interviews, and is compatible with PC and MAC.
  • The platform provides a “backroom chat” function for the moderator and client observers.
  • Included in the cost to use the platform are participant tech checks to ensure successful sessions.
  • Note, we will also recruit to client preferred platforms, although some exceptions apply based on the target audience.

If you would like to set up a demo of Shugoll Limelight, please contact us at info@shugollresearch.com.



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Advertising & Communications

For nearly half a century, Shugoll Research has helped advertising, PR and media clients traverse the ever-evolving landscape of audience preferences and behavior. Many of us have spent time working in agencies prior to joining the company. By using our proprietary product AdBeat, we design and execute studies that address...

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