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Shugoll Limelight

Shugoll Research is pleased to help you conduct online qualitative research using our own, proprietary platform, Shugoll Limelight.

  • Our platform utilizes an enhanced deployment of Adobe Connect to provide a smooth and reliable online experience to both clients and participants.
  • The platform is highly secure, can be used for online groups and in-depth interviews, and is compatible with PC and MAC.
  • The platform provides a “backroom chat” function for the moderator and client observers.
  • Included in the cost to use the platform are participant tech checks to ensure successful sessions.
  • Note, we will also recruit to client preferred platforms, although some exceptions apply based on the target audience.

If you would like to set up a demo of Shugoll Limelight, please contact us at info@shugollresearch.com.



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Entertainment, Culture & Sports

At Shugoll Research, we’re not too modest to say we do research for entertainment, culture and sports concerns better than anyone else. It has been a major focus of our business since its inception. And it is a passion for us — one we pursue through volunteerism in our spare time....

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