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Merrill Shugoll is Survey Magazine's 2014 Moderator of the Year

Merrill Shugoll is Survey Magazine's 2014 Moderator of the Year

Shugoll Research is proud to announce that our president, Merrill Shugoll was selected as the 2014 Moderator of the Year by Survey Magazine, one of the industry's leading marketing research publications. Over the past 30 years, Merrill has conducted well over 5000 focus groups and in-depth interviews and is one of the industry's most sought after moderators. Her work has helped shape the strategic planning of major corporations, not-for-profit organizations, trade and professional associations and government agencies. Ms. Shugoll's dedication to her craft and contributions to the industry leave no doubt that she is most deserving of this prestigious award.

Shugoll Research, founded in 1957, is a third generation closely held custom marketing research firm that provides both qualitative and quantitative research services to a global roster of clients. Our name has been synonymous with quality marketing research services for well over 50 years. Our services include study design, data collection (in-person, telephone, online, mail, social media, and mobile), data analysis, report preparation and presentation of insights and actionable recommendations to clients. Our facilities include eight top rated focus suites covering the Washington, DC metropolitan area, a call center and a database of over 100,000 that includes a significant number of professionals and policy elites. In addition we are equipped with IDI rooms, a CLT sensory lab, our own video streaming service, and a usability lab. We invite you to experience the Shugoll Research difference.

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