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    Merrill Shugoll

    CORPORATE: Merrill Shugoll is President of Shugoll Research. She is the founder of the firm's full service research division and currently leads the company's qualitative practice.

    PROFESSIONAL: Mrs. Shugoll began her career in marketing research shortly after graduating with a language degree from American University. Marketing research was the perfect career choice for someone with her natural curiosity. Her unconditional positive regard for everyone makes it easy for people to talk to her about anything. And her interest in discovering and analyzing how diverse people think and feel provides the type of daily challenge she craves. Simply put, Merrill chose a career in marketing research because she couldn't imagine herself enjoying anything more.

    Today, Mrs. Shugoll is a widely respected marketing researcher with extensive experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research that helps to shape the strategic planning of major corporations, not-for-profit organizations, trade and professional associations and government agencies. She is a nationally known moderator who has conducted over 5,000 in-person and online qualitative sessions Mrs. Shugoll is particularly expert in consumer behavior theories and psycholinguistics and employs, when appropriate, state-of-the-art projective and ideation techniques to provide clients with an in-depth understanding of human behavior particularly with regard to new product development, issues management and communications.

    Prior to joining Shugoll Research, Mrs. Shugoll spent nearly a decade as the Senior Executive Officer of the research subsidiary of HJK&A, a major communications firm headquartered in Washington, D.C.

    INDUSTRY BOARDS: Over the years, Mrs. Shugoll has contributed significantly to the profession. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and is active in the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA). 

    Merrill is a past president of the National Board of Directors of the Marketing Research Association and past president of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Chapter of the American Marketing Association when she founded that Chapter’s Health Care Division.

    AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: In 2013, Merrill received the Honorary Lifetime Membership Award for Outstanding Service to the Marketing Research Association and the Marketing Research Profession. In addition, Merrill is the 1991 recipient of the prestigious Frank H. Weitzel Award for her dedication of corporate resources to the American Cancer Society’s research needs. 

    MARKETING RESEARCH ARTICLES & PRESENTATIONS:  Mrs. Shugoll is in great demand as a lecturer at colleges, universities and professional meetings and is frequently used as a resource for diverse industry and mass media publications including The Washington Post.

    PERSONAL INTERESTS: Passionate by nature, Merrill loves the theater, literature and music, and she shares this love of the arts with her husband, Mark, and their two daughters.  She is Director Emeritus of the Signature Theatre board.