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April 2015

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Cutting-Edge Qualitative Research for the Digital Age

Technology is changing the way qualitative research is conducted. It can improve consumer interactions and yield real-time insights into behaviors, experiences and emotions. Immersion research is a cutting-edge tool that captures "in the moment" experiences as they occur in people's lives.

Immersion research incorporates a variety of tools such as live chats, digital ethnography, social media, bulletin boards and online virtual brainstorming to obtain unfiltered accounts of consumers' personal feelings and experiences over a period of time.

Shugoll Research was one of a few firms in the country to be selected to participate in a pilot test for immersion research and has continued to use this exciting technology over the past decade for many clients. One such study was conducted to better understand the issue of childhood obesity and possible solutions from the perspective of obese tweens and teens. Immersion research was conducted to generate qualitative insights into how obese tweens and teens eat, what they know about food, how their weight impacts their lives, how they feel about themselves and ideas they have to encourage healthier eating habits.

Every day respondents were asked to complete one online activity and post it on an online forum/bulletin board. Activities included:
  • Uploading photos of celebrities/people they know who look like them now and of people who come closest to having the physical appearance they'd like to have. In the forum, respondents discussed reasons for their photo choices, which revealed so much about their self-image.
  • Maintaining a food photo diary using their mobile devices to record every food item and beverage they consumed for a 2-day period. Respondents were asked to categorize all the food they had eaten as more healthy and less healthy, and discussed their rationale for these categorizations. Results suggest what this segment knows and doesn't know about food and how to make healthier choices.
  • Posting photos of their favorite and least favorite foods with comments about why they prefer or reject the foods. They were encouraged to leave feedback on others' photos/comments.
Tweens and teens also participated in online virtual brainstorming sessions with their peers regarding how food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants, school cafeterias and their parents could implement ideas to encourage healthier eating habits.

The results of the immersion research were used to develop an online survey with a large national sample of obese tweens and teens. The findings of the research provided information to assist all players involved in the food industry with designing and marketing new products, services and education programs to help tweens and teens make healthier eating decisions.

Read the complete Gen M Obesity Study here:

DC's Growing Biotech Sector

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline plans to open a new vaccine research center in Maryland. The project is expected to bring in 700 jobs to Montgomery County, where you will also find our Bethesda Headquarters. The region is currently home to a significant number of physicians per capita and a worldwide leader in genome research. Medical researchers who recently attended PMRG Connect in National Harbor, Maryland had the opportunity to meet Shugoll Research's Rick Seale and learn about our medical research services including recruiting specially tailored to leverage DC's important and growing medical research community. If you would like to learn how Shugoll can create custom medical research for you contact us at
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