The Future of Market Research

July 10, 2019

The Future of Market Research

The Future of Market Research

Widespread access to high-speed internet, and the resulting boost it gives to social media, offers brands exciting new avenues for direct customer engagement. From the rise of mobile research to being able to react quickly to client sentiments, here is what the future of market research may hold.

Driving the Evolution

Like virtually every other aspect of business, market research has been transformed over the previous decade by internet connectivity. Online access is the locus around which we see:

  • An explosion in mobile-generated user data.
  • Direct brand-consumer engagement through social media.

Mobile devices are our constant companions and the incessant data they generate offers a wealth of information. Years of these copious data streams have already given data aggregators highly personalized information about users. This data is a valuable commodity that allows brands to pinpoint the most receptive individuals for market research. Many brands have a dedicated social media team, which allow them unprecedented insight into what their customers want.

Short but Sweet

While opportunities for engagement have multiplied, research shows that audience attention spans have shifted in the opposite direction. In line with this trend, market research will feature an adaptable format that favors fewer questions and shorter answers.

Less Formality, More Utility

There will always be a place for the long, in-depth survey but it will diminish in usefulness. Part of the reason for this is that the targeted participation criteria mentioned above will narrow the field of possible questions.

Immediate Application

Real-time data capture, analysis, and application are already happening. This heralds a completely new aspect of market research where products and services are enhanced and refined for every user based on collated personal data.

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