Marketing in the Age of Uncertainty

April 22, 2019

Marketing in the Age of Uncertainty

Marketing in the Age of Uncertainty

Today’s uncertain times create an opportunity for savvy companies to build creative campaigns that address the multitude of issues in our current environment, from a volatile stock market and data privacy concerns to global political unrest. Whether brands focus on global issues or not, it’s important to be cognizant of them while developing marketing strategies and campaigns. Here are some tips for success.

No One is Immune

The global financial crisis of 2008, Brexit, and the release of the Mueller Report - and the ensuing fallout from each of those events - make it amply clear that "experts" are victims of uncertainty like everyone else. No industry, field of business, person, or institution is immune to its effects. You should not consider your business safe from world events or from technology, no matter how smooth the sailing may be today. Buttress the already strong foundations of your organization and anticipate worst case scenarios. Gather your managers and brainstorm possible solutions for hypothetical problems – it helps keep them agile even if the scenarios do not eventuate.

Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The phrase translates to constantly seeking opportunities within and without the main business of the company, a perennial desire to improve on current models and systems, and the ability to energize people to follow your lead. In uncertain times, the myriad opportunities created through this approach can be your saving grace. Use them as a safety net when previously reliable systems no longer function well while you work to revamp and adapt.

Empower Your Team

Good leaders have a way of making the impossible possible through empowerment. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates achieved what they did not because they were great engineers or IT specialists themselves but because they surrounded themselves with people who were and then infused them with their singular brand of enthusiasm. Refrain from micromanagement and give your team the leeway to become personally invested in your initiatives. This encourages a sense of loyalty and dedication that will buoy the organization in choppy waters.

As they say, change is the only constant. By aligning your marketing with this reality, you give yourself a decisive advantage over your competitors who are complacent because they do not anticipate the inevitable.

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