Travel Information

Shugoll Research welcomes you to one of the nation's hippest cities.

We own and operate state-of-the-art focus group facilities in two of the city's most exciting close-in suburbs, and we are happy to advise on where to stay and what to do while in the DC area. For further information to meet your special requests or needs, please feel free to contact us.

Bethesda, MD

Located just outside the northwest edge of DC, Bethesda, MD is one of the area's hippest destinations for shopping and dining. Despite its sleek high-rises, Bethesda sports a comfortable hometown feel that lends itself perfectly to exploration. And the restaurants! Of all the DC suburbs, Bethesda is Maryland's best known for its variety, quality and sheer number of restaurants. So, if your time is limited or your stay in the area is short, we recommend sticking close to home. But, of course, if you can swing it, one of the most spectacular, cultural and interesting destinations in the world -- Washington, DC -- is just down the street. Enjoy your stay!

Bethesda, MD Provided by Brookfield Office Properties

Alexandria/Fairfax, VA

Our Alexandria facility is located on the edge of Old Town, Alexandria. Old Town has been a local hot spot ever since it was founded by Scottish merchants in 1749. Today, Old Town is a favorite destination of foodies looking to experience the various culinary creations by renowned chefs attracted to the area for the freedom of expression. Shopping fanatics can enjoy the charm of the boutiques of all types housed in historic buildings and brownstones. The free King Street Trolley will take you to all of the antique shops and contemporary art galleries that line the cobblestone streets of this neighborhood once home to George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Enjoy your stay!