• Two facilities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area
  • Each of our facilities was ranked as one of the most popular focus group facilities worldwide by the Impulse Survey of Focus Facilities
  • 8 focus group suites, each containing professional quality audio and videotaping capability, one-way mirror, Internet access, viewing room and private client lounge
  • On-site recruiting and interviewing using an in-house central telephone center and electronic monitoring system
  • Video streaming and video conferencing are available through a variety of services including FocusVision Worldwide

We welcome your questions and invite you to contact us for any of the following capabilities and services:

Research Capabilities, including:

Client Services/Amenities, including:

Technology Services/Amenities, including:

  • Equipment rental
  • iPad controlled digital audiotaping
  • iPad controlled digital videotaping
  • iPad remote AV capabilities
  • Usability lab
  • Video streaming