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    Joan Shugoll

    Joan Shugoll is the Founder of Shugoll Research and is currently responsible for the company’s strategic and financial planning. When Ms. Shugoll first established the company in New York in 1957, she was among the first in the nation to offer a full range of field interviewing services and facilities, including a one-way mirror for focus groups. In 1970, she moved the company to the Washington D.C. area and operated three fully staffed and equipped offices. Today, she is one of the most widely known and respected researchers in the nation, having helped shape the industry through her work with Fortune 500 companies and other businesses in the public and private sector.

    Prior to founding Shugoll Research, she supervised large-scale field jobs for manufacturers, research companies and other service agencies. She is an active member of the Marketing Research Association. In the past, she has also been Director at Large, was an original charter member and one of the major forces in the founding of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Marketing Research Association.